More Park Photos

This time it’s four grayscales and two color photos. The grayscale with the road and distant mountains are the mountains on the west side of the valley. The palm trees lining the road are Durango Drive south. Places that the average tourist will never see not that they are missing anything spectacular!

12 thoughts on “More Park Photos

          • I suppose you could put your Pedego in your truck, drive out to someplace and then bike for a while, take some pictures, and come back to your truck. Maybe too much work … but you might see some interesting things.

            • I have thought about doing that Anneli, but getting an eBike in the truck bed isn’t easy for me because of the herniated lumbar. I can’t just lift the bike in as it weighs around sixty pounds, maybe more. The truck has to be backed in towards the driveway to get the tailgate low enough to run the bike into the bed. A potential ouch!

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