An Appropriate Thought For The Christmas Season

I have been waiting for what seems the right time to upload this cute cartoon. Today is that day, and I one hundred percent agree with what the poster says. Let us remember that Jesus is THE reason for the season. He is the only way to bring our lives and our governments back to where they once were.

4 thoughts on “An Appropriate Thought For The Christmas Season

  1. We have really downplayed Christmas over the years, my family has I mean! Adults do not exchange gifts, we do little decorating. We like to spend time together, a dinner, a drink or play games. Christmas has gotten out of hand I think, but that’s just my opinion.

    • I agree, Susan. I find Christmas today somewhat offensive in terms of how commercialised it has become.

      The TV commercials al try to get you to open your wallet or purse for their product or products. The videos of people waiting outside a store for what seems overnight just to get a certain item.

      It’s completely ridiculous and shows me how much God has been pushed aside in my country. I can’t speak for Canadians or any other country…

      I have not decorated inside or out since my last divorce in 2016, I never liked being bothered with it when married but it was wonderful as a child helping my dad put the lights on the trees and bushes.

      Our entire family used to gather at a chosen home each Christmas. Today, we have lost contact for the most part. And, some have passed away. Sad. I think that Christmas is very difficult for many people everywhere.

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