Coots, Geese and A Northern Shoveler

A few more photos from Floyd Lamb Park the other day. Sunshine and just 50 degrees today but I’ll gladly take this considering the snow storm apparently going up north. How’s the weather in your area today?

11 thoughts on “Coots, Geese and A Northern Shoveler

    • That’s a good dump of the white stuff! I had to look that number up, it translates to 9.8 inches. I have no real understanding of the metric system or why it even exists. The Imperial system works perfectly. Stay warm and get on that snowmobile if you have one!

    • Well, 50F is very cold to me these days but would feel like a warm spring day for you! I used to go outside in the winter as a young guy with just a T shirt and jeans. That is being acclimated! Stop on down, I would love the company. ❤️☺️

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