Hummingbird Photos

My new hummingbird feeder has been up for three days now and has attracted hummingbirds and zero pigeons. if you follow this blog then you know what a disaster putting a seed feeder was. Those damn pigeons ruined any chance of feeding my favorite little birds. Pigeons are flying rats.

The 200mm lens is maxed out as you can see by the blurry photos but a 300 or 400mm lens is just too costly for this purpose haha! As best as I can tell, the golden hummingbird is a Ruby Throated hummer.

I have not been able to identify the other bird because looking at the different species, some of them look much the same and my photos aren’t definitive enough. I have seen four birds this morning and two this afternoon. I will try to sit in the backyard and wait to see if any birds will land on the feeder with me nearby.

27 thoughts on “Hummingbird Photos

    • Thank you, Susanne! i was just looking in the backyard again, there were two birds on the feeder. This feeder was a hit right away, and the pigeons are completely ignoring it as they should. Finally!

        • I think so too, it’s just a bummer that the pigeon population here is so bad. They fly over my house and the others near me going around and around and around! Then, they land en mass on someone’s roof. They ruined my ability to use a seed feeder. 🤬

    • Oh, I didn’t know that! They are very small birds that flap their wings so fast you can barely see them. They make the cutest humming sound too. ❤️

  1. Wonderful to see these. I found that they get quite used to you being there after a couple of days. I’ve been zinged by them when I don’t get the feeder up quickly enough.

    • Thanks, Tim, I adore these sweet little birds! I’ve had other birds that are maybe the size of a Chickadee buzz right by my head in summer. They are chasing each other and man do they come close to my head! You may not even notice hummer blasting by you because of their size and speed. Zing! 😂👍🏻❤️

    • Yeah, thanks so much! I just smile when these cuties visit my humble backyard. I have to get physically closer though, sitting at the table will bring me closer by about 7 feet which will help.

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