Southfield, Michigan and A Tram

A tram or a trolley, take your pick I guess, it is located in the Delta Airlines terminal at Detroit Metro Airport as we have always called it for decades. After arriving in Detroit for our family Christmas a few days ago, I snapped these iPhone photos passing through Southfield on the freeway while my niece was driving. Southfield was an area I hung around in years ago when dating a babe who was from West Bloomfield. The sunset was very pretty but shame again on me for not bringing the Nikon and 140mm lens!

12 thoughts on “Southfield, Michigan and A Tram

    • Thanks! That’s a decent photo from an iPhone considering the car was moving! That tram runs from one end to the other of the D terminal at Detroit Metro. It never seems very full of humans.

        • Travel isn’t as fun these days for sure! That airport’s designation is YYZ, each airport in the States also has it’s own identifier. The rock band called Rush is from the Toronto area and wrote a song called YYZ in the 1980s. Here is a link to a YouTube video of that song:

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