The Boarding Process

If you have been through the process of getting to your aircraft for a trip then you know how frustrating the boarding process can be. During my recent trip to Michigan, the people boarding the Delta Airbus A321 just couldn’t get their asses in their seats! You can tell just by simply watching how fidgety they are.

Umm, please folks, just find your seat, stuff your carry-on in the bin and sit down! The captain or co-pilot actually came on the speakers and said “this is the time that we should be getting the push-back”. As in, the tug should be pushing the aircraft away from the boarding gantry.

I am sure that I was not the only one getting fed up with people who just can’t settle the hell down. I didn’t have window seats on either flight too which sucked. Oh well! Sunshine and just fifty wimpy, anemic degrees today. Again. Can we please have the summer heat back?

17 thoughts on “The Boarding Process

  1. And oh yes…the bathroom thing. Might I suggest they have another pre-arrival non-toilet room where people who need to apply layers of make-up cannot cause long queues (esp long haul). Just an observation. Pee and get off the pot!!!

  2. Flying can be a trial. My grandmother used to say that ‘good manners cost nothing…’ But, the world has moved on since her time. People can be so aggressive and unpleasant these days. And why do they let passengers board aircraft when clearly they have far too much hand luggage. This inevitably causes delays whilst the crew have to try and find space for too many bags etc. It’s the ‘me me me and only me’ society. Over here in the UK, the ground staff (check-in people etc) no longer work for the airlines, they work for subcontract agencies and, frankly, most of the time, they don’t give a twopenny toss about passengers. We’re not customers any more. In the ‘race to bottom’ airline business, we’ve become sheep who need to be herded. Flying, these days, is an endurance exercise. Airlines, please take note, without us, you will no longer exist!

  3. People always think they have all the time of the world, but when they themself are behind the wheel, the don’t show any patience. Such a lack of respect….

  4. I don’t fly any more often than I absolutely have to but I have never had an issue with fellow travellers and I always choose our seats when I book. Dan always gets the window seat so he has enough room to be comfortable and I sit on the seat next to him so I can give him my armrest. (And I don’t have to see our the window. πŸ€—)

    • I didn’t book the flight, my dad offered to do it this year which was great but I never asked him to try for a window seat. No videos! I don’t get angry, I can’t understand why some people move as though they are at home in the bathroom or something!

      • I did see one guy head to an airplane washroom with a newspaper tucked under his arm one day. I thought that looked rather entitled. Like get in, do your business, and get out. There is always a lineup so how rude.

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