The Eye Of The Shoveler

Look closely and you’ll see the tiny black dot in the bird’s eye. He was staring directly at me. The Northern Shoveler is a beautiful duck. Sunshine and fifty degrees are on tap for the valley today, each day seems to be a clone of the previous day lately. How is the weather in your area today?

6 thoughts on “The Eye Of The Shoveler

  1. What a lovely duck! The weather here is sunny today but it’s been rainy for the last week or so. I love the rain so I don’t mind at all but it can be a bit inconvenient at times.

        • The desert southwest has been in a prolonged drought for years now, Pooja. Last summer’s monsoon rains brought Lake Mead up just fifteen inches… The lake is 80 or more feet below full pond. The last time it was full was in the 1980s.

          • Wow, that’s awful. The weather has really changed over the last few years and is getting so extreme. There was a really bad drought in Kenya this year too and it really effected people that farm for a living.

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