Eat, Drink, Bathe

How nice is this setup for my hummingbirds? They have been drinking away on the nectar as the level in the bottle is dropping quickly. I have a refill ready for the bottle too. The bath is kept clean and filled with fresh water as needed which it needs a bit right now. And, not one damn pigeon has been seen around the feeder either! How is your Saturday going? I am Mr. Couch Potato today.

16 thoughts on “Eat, Drink, Bathe

    • Thank you so much, Kaya! You may have read here how the pigeons completely took over the seed feeder I had out for about one whole day. They are a real problem here. They have no interest in the Hummingbird feeder, yay!

  1. That’s great with no pigeons. If you can rig up a fountain you might get some of the hummingbirds flying through the fountain. The sparkling water and bright colored birds make a great combination.

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