Random Photos From Today

Actually, the chili photo is from a couple of days ago but the others were taken today. I am amazed at how many people are in my favorite places today just west of the city. Hikers and rock climbers from several states and British Columbia too. I love Canadians!

8 thoughts on “Random Photos From Today

  1. Another nice header.
    Those people at the side of the road – my first thought was – that guy is wearing shorts! Then I remembered that not everyone is in deep freeze today.

    • Thanks! I have three headers up at the moment I think. It was around 55F today I think, but people still wear flip flops and short pants and tee shirts like me. It’s just not that cold to many here I guess! Maybe they too are from northern latitudes.

      Many of those cars pulled over at this huge rock slab are from California. Bummer. Do Not! California my Nevada! I’ve spoken with other local people here that also do not want the Californians moving here because of their political beliefs.

      We don’t want California socialism! This may at some point drive me out of here and back to the land of the ice and snow. I want zero to do with that state, maybe the San Andreas fault will cuse the state to float away into the Pacific soon! 😂

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