A Heading Home Sunrise

Here is another iPhone photo from the recent trip home to Michigan. The bottom was cropped to remove the cars. Well, I had a little fun early today when trying to head to the pharmacy to pick up some drugs.

For the last week or so, a contracted natural gas company for Southwest Gas has been digging down through our subdivision streets to do some maintenance on the lines. Making a long story much shorter, the workers had me boxed to the point that I had difficulty getting the truck turned away from the driveway.

In trying to get out, I accidentally backed into one of those company trucks which made a very tiny dent in the truck’s left-rear quarter panel. There was zero damage to my bumper. I turned around and came back home after one truck moved to let me out.

Doing the right thing, I waited for the crew’s supervisor to show up so that we can exchange insurance information. The supervisor said that the damage was so minor that the company may dismiss the whole thing. The supervisor will be back on my street tomorrow anyway so he will let me know what the company wants to do. That was my exciting birthday haha!

18 thoughts on “A Heading Home Sunrise

    • He was, Derrick. My birthday was calm and peaceful regardless, there are much worse things that could happen of course! That work crew is back very early this morning and I am watching them through the camera on the front of the house. What a spy, eh?

    • They (workers) know that because I told him/them so! The supervisor was a very nice guy, he will discuss this with his upper managers but they have my insurance info if they want to go that route. The damage is very very small. No worries one way or the other. ☺️

    • Actually, my truck had zero damage, the tiny bit of damage is on that company truck. I told the supervisor that his employees have a small bit of responsibility for this by hemming me in such that I can’t wiggle my truck out. But, I did very slightly damage their truck. The supervisor was a very nice guy, we had a nice chat about the work he does. Very interesting!

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