Shadowed Mountain

Some days the mountains have this shadowed effect which I find beautiful. Partly sunny and 57 cool degrees are up for today but that is a serious heatwave compared to what millions of Americans are dealing with way up north and east of Las Vegas today! Just 11 degrees in my hometown tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Shadowed Mountain

  1. Yes! I love this effect, too. When we lived in Virginia the layered shadow effects of the Blue Ridge / Smokies was stunning. This is a terrific photo.

    • Thanks so much! I have traveled through those mountains over may years and have seen the blue effect there too. our mountains are wee bit bigger!

      • Oh, yes. I grew up out west where the ‘real’ mountains are.

        When we lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, and the locals referred to their hills as ‘mountains,’ I shook my head. But, once I walked a bunch of miles on the Appalachian Trail, I conceded.

        • I have heard of that very long trail, you have to be in great shape to handle that trail. Those mountains are our the size of our foothills at 4000 feet or less. 11,916 foot Mount Charleston is just northwest of Las Vegas.

  2. Blue hazy mountains in the distance… How beautiful they are, John, how unique!
    We’ve had extreme cold weather all week. I’m waiting for it to warm up.

    • Thank you so much, Kaya! I have been watching the weather, the low temps up there in the northern tier states has been -14 or lower, dangerously cold! Las Vegas has been extremely lucky with our high today in the mid 50s.

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