The Mitsubishi MU 2

This aircraft has a poor safety rating according to this website. I was very surprised to read this! The photo is of the MU 2 taken in 1971 at the Oakland County International Airport in Oakland County, Michigan.

Michigan Aviation is still there today on the corner of M-59 and Airport Road in Waterford, Michigan which is incidentally where I went to high school and lived for many years.

My only flight in this aircraft was in 1971, from this airport from which my dad, his dad, and mom and I flew to an airfield in Quebec, Canada to drop dad and grandpa off for a big hunting trip.  My sister has more photos of this trip in her family photos collection back home in Michigan.

Not digital photos, but the actual, original photos that were apparently taken with the then-popular Kodak camera that spits the photo out so you can watch it develop. Some things we can never forget, it’s the persistence of memory.