Looking at the forecast this morning for the next few days, it looked like two days of rain were coming my way. Well, now it’s not. Does any weathercast get it right? I did some grocery shopping in anticipation of spending a couple of days at home too, oh well! Call me a serious homebody, it’s okay. Look at the overcast up there! How is your weather this week?

7 thoughts on “Overcast

  1. We jumped after a fierce cold week into a warm one but it’s gloomy and hellishly raining outside. According your map, it will rain on Saturday and Sunday where you live. Hopefully, there will be some nice light rain.

    • I think you will warm up, our northern tier states have been in below zero temps for days now, suddenly they will be above average temps. Go figure! All along, Las Vegas has stayed in the 60s in the day and 40s at night. Not bad! Those temps are not in C of course, I wish we all used the Imperial scale.

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