A Local’s Perspective

Here is my perspective on the sudden windstorm that started about three hours ago. I wasn’t paying attention to the weather obviously. When these storms come along, my house starts making creaking noises and you can hear where the seals are not too good on the door and some windows.

We are overdue for this from my perspective since it’s been three weeks or so since a good blow blew through the valley. The photos of the Strip are unprocessed sans a slight brightening. On another note, yesterday I made a delicious pot of fresh chili. Man, that was so good!

But, bonehead me went to bed and forgot to put it in the refrigerator! I looked up some food safety information and decided to dump the entire pot down the kitchen sink drain. That really sucked, but it’s better than possibly landing in the hospital! There is a replacement slow cooking at the moment.

Some of you know of my love for chili, don’t you!

14 thoughts on “A Local’s Perspective

    • Better to toss it than land in the hospital with food poisoning, Lisa! It’s a waste of money though. This storm only gusted to around 40, sometimes they gust up to 60 which is a little scary. You wonder if the roof tiles are going to blow off!

    • Thank you, Derrick, yesterday’s windstorm gusted to 40mph, they can gust to 60 sometimes which has me wondering if some of the roof tiles are going to blow off!

  1. John, I know now where these creaking sounds in my house come from during a strong wind. You said it all; the seals are not good. And like Anneli said, you made a very smart decision to dump the entire pot down the sink drain.
    I like the mood in these wonderful photos!!!

    • Thanks very much, Kaya! I left the photos less processed this time. I need to replace these 26-year-old windows but the cost is just too high. I want nothing to do with hospital visits, been there too many times, Kaya. Just dump it.

    • Hi, Anneli, oh heck no man! I used to call my mom with questions like this and more, she always had the answers! I miss mom so much. The center of the chili was actually just barely warm but I tossed it anyway, it sucked watching all of that deliciousness go down the drain! 😩

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