The La’s At The Traffic Light

This song was recorded in 1988 if I read this article correctly, but I really love the song regardless of it having me feel a little sad thinking about past loves lost. What a day man, it’s overcast and fifty-something degrees… Days like this leave me feeling blah for lack of beautiful sunshine.

16 thoughts on “The La’s At The Traffic Light

    • Wow man, I love your perspective on songs. Each song brings up a specific memory or memories. It’s kind of like your dreams too. When we sleep, we seem to live an entirely different life that is always changing. Am I weird? 🤪

      • Oh, I don’t think so, but this is coming from an odd sort of lady. The dreams, those lives, I struggle to find anything but despair in them. I think that’s because I only remember the ones that shock me. I like to think, all the ones I can’t remember are paradises.

        • Perhaps they are paradises, but then who is creating those paradises? Most of my sleep-induced travels are not objectionable. Sleep well!

    • i don’t let the divorces make me crazy, Anneli if that’s what you mean. There is nothing to gain from thinking about those years. We’ve all got to go on, there is no other choice…

      • Yes, and gray skies don’t mean we have to feel sad. If that were the case, I’d be terribly unhappy. Actually, gray skies keep us a bit warmer where we don’t get much sunshine with our clear winter skies.

        • Just blah, not actually sad, Anneli. Next July will mark my tenth year down here, the sunshine is always a mood-booster. The ex had to take vitamin D tabs when we lived in Michigan. Being from Anaheim, California, she was 100% accustomed to frequent sunshine which I now am thanks to her. It’s a well known fact that low cloud cover can keep the atmosphere a little warmer on the ground. ☺️

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