Post Two

What a weird day it is weatherwise with mostly cloudy skies, powerful wind gusts, and about 56 degrees. Today, I snapped about twenty photos of the clouds and mountains as they interact. These photos show the mountains on the north end of Las Vegas Valley, they are about 6000 feet high. The photos are lightly processed. How is your New Year’s Day going?

13 thoughts on “Post Two

    • Very nice! The deep low-pressure center up north keeps our weather colder lately, yuck. My dad said it was 75 at his place in Florida today…

      • We get short runs of dry and sometimes sunny weather amid the rain and snow. 🙂 What we hope for are sunny days and rainy nights. On clear nights it can get pretty cold by morning.

    • Thank you, Anne Marie! It’s even better in-person. The camera can never properly capture these scenes in my opinion. ❤️

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