Oh Gray Go Away!

I captured these photos on the way home from the doctor’s office this morning. Oh gray, go the hell away! My doctor has had enough of the gray too. This winter has brought in an inordinate number of days with gray skies compared to our normal sunny days in winter. I hope that you have sunshine where you are. These photos are unaltered, with no processing whatsoever.

10 thoughts on “Oh Gray Go Away!

  1. Looks so weird seeing gray skies in your pictures. It’s been nothing but overcast here in Ontario. I’m trying to remember when was the last time we saw the sun. It’s been awhile.

    • I’ve had enough of the gray! We will see partly sunny skies and 54 degrees today. A little more normal but that huge series of low-pressure systems off the pacific northwest keep coming down here and keeping us cooler than normal and gray. Yuck!

    • It’s not all gray then, very nice! I’m looking at the TV right now, The Weather Channel is forecasting days and days of rain again. California is getting pounded with flooding and mudslides. Some of that weather manages to get over the Sierra range and gets to Las Vegas.

        • It sure does, Anne Marie, it also takes a beating from the ridiculous Liberals that have run the state into the ground from my perspective. Sad thing is that many of “them” are moving to Nevada. A bumper sticker said “don’t California my Nevada”.

    • You get lots of gray/grey there don’t you, bummer. We should get 300+ days per year of vitamin D! It’s raining now but we need it very badly.

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