A Short Hike At Tule Springs Fossil Beds

Early this afternoon I took a short drive north to have a quick hike in this area where fossils that are millions of years old have been found by professionals in this field. It was a bit windy and I needed one more layer under my jacket to have been warmer so I stayed about half an hour. There are more photos of this coming. Check out that tunnel, I have no idea if it is natural or man-made but it was a nice shortcut.

13 thoughts on “A Short Hike At Tule Springs Fossil Beds

    • It’s not solid rock but more like very very hard mud! Very strange stuff, Rebecca. This was the place that some dinosaurs came to die.

    • Thanks, I was fascinated by it when I saw it from a good way off. It’s very short but still has the danger of a roof collapse, not good to be hiking alone. 🤪

    • I agree, Anneli. If it were long I would not have entered it for fear of a roof collapse! My sister called from Florida while I was there, I showed her that little tunnel. Just slightly creepy to pass through.

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