Plant Power

I didn’t put these photos together until I got home and saw them on the Mac. Weed isn’t necessarily plant power, but that restaurant serving weeds can be called plant power I guess. Is that stuff really any better than the McDeath next door? I don’t know but I won’t buy anything at either joint! Plant power… LOL!

15 thoughts on “Plant Power

    • I agree, Pooja, but based on just one time I ate a vegan burger. It was so incredibly salty that I couldn’t eat it. Without salt, they probably still taste nasty.

      • Yeah, some of those patties are very high in sodium and saturated fats too. Both of those things are horrible for our bodies. I think if you ate vegan store bought or fast foods very often you would be at risk for a lot of health problems.

        • I agree, Pooja, I’ve looked at the packaging in the stores. The one common item with them all is the high sodium level. Apparently, these companies don’t have any other way to make the food tolerable but sodium. This is a serious problem in our food chain in this country! When I look for soda crackers for my chili, the salt-free version is very rarely available which speaks volumes about how people are sick of the damn high volume of salt in everything today.

          • Absolutely, and I find that the healthier options are always more expensive which is so ridiculous and unnecessary. Excessive amounts of salt are so awful for ones health and yet companies keep adding huge amounts of salt and sugar to their products. I’m glad so many people are choosing salt-free and low-salt options these days though.

    • Thank you, Lavinia! This was taken while waiting to turn left after exiting the freeway. I grabbed the Nikon and took the shot, it worked! 😁

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