The 1910 Ford

America doesn’t build them like this anymore which is to me both good and bad. A 2023 expensive American or European car still can’t match the style and class that these old beauties still have. The same goes for what Hollywood used to be as opposed to the trash that inhabits that place today.

16 thoughts on “The 1910 Ford

          • I’ve run Amsoil brand in it for engine, transmission and differential oils since day 1. This car still has the original engine and transmission, and differential.

            • Wow, that is very serious dependability! They do build some very beautiful cars. I was looking at a few locally here last year but I can’t part with my 2015 old pickup truck.

              It’s paid for, looks almost new thanks to the desert and has too much sentimental value. My family was in the dealership game for decades, the GMC brand is one that we sold along with Pontiac and Buick.

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