It Could Collapse On Me…

Or anyone but it didn’t. The tunnel is about ten feet long so it’s very tiny but the dirt above is probably very heavy. This material isn’t just rocks, it seems to be more like very old dried-up mud that is rock hard. The information board is a bit hard to read in the photo, sorry. I will go back to this place again to see what else I can find, perhaps some cool rocks which I did bring back with me yesterday. Learn about this place.

7 thoughts on “It Could Collapse On Me…

  1. Neophyte? I had to go look that one up! If you’d have said Noob I would know exactly what you meant. But I think you are right, Anne Marie, I have been 100% a home body for a long time now.

    • It is in my view. I only wish that I had a girlfriend to explore it with. People have been riding dirt bikes in those little valleys which is totally illegal. Jerks!

          • I get it, but I am sure there are lots of people working in and working out at those places who are more than happy to help a neophyte get familiar with the equipment, classes, etc. (Some of those people are probably even very nice, friendly women.)

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