13 thoughts on “Cormorants and Ducks

  1. Those are beautiful shots. Yes, isn’t it strange how little people listen to the message and still bring loaves of stale bread to feed the birds?

  2. I do that too with the six-pack plastic rings. Your cormorant picture is great, and I don’t care if they poop and the grass burns a bit. I’d rather see a cormorant than a pretty green lawn with not a living thing on it. I really like the sign about not feeding the birds bread.

    • That’s wonderful, Anneli, keep cutting those rings. i have bad memories of stepping in goose poop as a kid on the lake but these days I would just run them off. 😂 Is bread any good for humans? People get on about the carbs.

      • Whole grain bread is good for you. If you stay away from sugar, and get a reasonable amount of exercise it shouldn’t hurt to have bread now and then. Moderation is the key (like with everything).

  3. I do love Cormorants, we have so many up here and I like to photograph them but a lot of people don’t like them as they destroy trees and their guano kills the grass.

    • Agreed, thank you for mentioning this, Rebecca. The plastic rings that hold a six-pack of pop together are just as dangerous. I always use sheers to cut the rings so the bird would not be trapped. Humans are hard on the animals. 😩

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