Around The House

Just some pics from around the house I took a couple of days ago with the Nikon and 140mm lens. What’s up with the canned goods? I keep a large stash of food and water in a spare bedroom closet which currently has 14 cases of water and much more food than what you see in the photo. I picked up the spurs in 2019 when I purchased my home as just a nik nak around the house. I am in the west, right?

16 thoughts on “Around The House

  1. Once I get the repairs finished on my house I need to start stocking up. I had a supply a while back but have steadily gone through it until there isn’t much left. As always, love the photos.

    • Hi, Venus, I hope you are feeling much better this eve. I put this stash together because we never know what will happen tomorrow. 👍🏻

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