A Random Selection Of Oldies

Since I am totally out of fresh photos, here are some oldies that I think you will like. Partly sunny and 55 degrees today, I’ll take it after yesterday’s nearly all-day rain which was actually kinda nice. We still need that rain badly. Are you getting rain or sunshine today?

16 thoughts on “A Random Selection Of Oldies

  1. Archives deserve to be seen! 🙂 Today is the first day we’ve seen the sun in many days (I lost count). It seems there is a fair amount of rain falling just about everywhere lately!

    • Hi, Eliza, you are right. Rain rain rain! My dad said this morning that it’s cold in west-central Florida while California is being beaten up with storm after storm. The weather has gone mad! Archives… I’ve got gigs worth of stored photos. They have appeared here many times over the years this blog has been on the web. Enjoy your sunshine!

  2. Oldies but goodies. I love all the vibrant colors in that first photo! We’re only 22 degrees cooler than you are right now. The sun is out and it feels great to sit by the window and soak up the heat!

    • Thank so much, Derrick! We had sunshine yesterday morning that swtched to rain and the rain continued all day and into the night. We need it so badly because of this years-long drought.

    • So you have the weird weather too? My entire country has had nothing but very weird weather for months now. It never rains like this in winter in Las Vegas either. The house is actually a two-story office complex, there are many businesses here including delicious food!

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