Common Sense?

Like the meme says, you can’t buy it! For years now I have never understood why guys and galls wear their caps backward. Look at the guy in the photo, he is using his hand to block the sun which is what the cap is supposed to do. Is he just following the trend by wearing the cap backward? Probably. Hey bro, turn your cap around, knucklehead! Do you wear your cap backward too? I just can’t do it, it looks so wrong! πŸ˜‚

24 thoughts on “Common Sense?

  1. There was a ‘fashion’ over here for a while where people were wearing their trousers (pants) halfway down their rear ends. What was all that about? Equally, what is it about young male (am I allowed to say male?) pop singers these days who constantly seem to feel the need to clutch their genitals whilst performing? Am I missing something?

    • You aren’t missing anything. I see this as a racial thing where black men here wear their pants down way too low, letting their bum stick out. It’s a “hood” thing. And really disrespectful to others while making one’s self look so ridiculous.

  2. Just yesterday I saw a fellow with his cap on backwards and my first thought was that if he turned his cap around, he would look as if his IQ rose by at least 20 points. (I can understand making a switch momentarily for practical purposes.)

  3. The only time i wore mine backwards was for practical reasons. When i was a motorsports photographer if i turned my camera to portrait the caps peak would get in the way of the lens. I knew it looked daft and at least i had an excuse….

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