Incessant Wind!

This incessant wind started around 2 pm this afternoon and keeps on ramping up. I’ve been watching my palm trees a little and hope that no fronds are ripped off of them. And, it’s far too windy to put my rubbish bins at the curb, that would just make a huge mess. It’s all so weird man. At least the weird weather offers some decent photos. According to my dad, the high temperature in west-central Florida was just 56 degrees today which is almost the same as Las Vegas had. World weather has gone mad! 😂

There is a bit of snow on the peaks just west of me.

19 thoughts on “Incessant Wind!

  1. Honestly, the weather has gotten crazy these days! There’s so much wind here too which was unheard of in Kenya before. It’s only for the last few years that the weather has changed so much.

    • Yes, the entire planet seems off keel somehow doesn’t it. It’s not enough tp tip me in the direction of believing that the GW thing is true.

    • That is almost like the weather down here, Lavinia, but the low temp was a bit warmer than 30. Stay warm! ☺️

    • A mild winter is good unless you love riding snowmobiles! Many people I follow down here also report a mild winter. Stay warm!

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