That Stray Cat Is Back!

I think it’s a stray anyway but it looks pretty healthy doesn’t it? I was walking back home from the mailbox and saw him/her crouched down in the road, bad choice kitty! I went inside and grabbed the Nikon and was surprised that the cat let me get about ten feet from it before it ran to a nearby bush. Poor thing. I wasn’t able to call it to me either. I’ll bet that food would bring it to me. Go home, kitty if you have one.❤️

18 thoughts on “That Stray Cat Is Back!

  1. So lovely one, I hope he/she has a home… I ma glad you took these photographs and waited for you. Thank you dear John, have a nice weekend, Love, nia

  2. Hopefully, it’s a Neighborhood Cat and people are feeding it. We have a few of those, here. You could always borrow a Release Cage from the shelter and see if you can catch it. Just bait it with blankets and food. If necessary, they might even Trap, Neuter Release.

    • I think people are feeding the cat, it doesn’t look scrawny or sickly. I’m sure it needs medical attention regardless, Venus. I hope you are feeling much better today!

  3. A beautiful cat, John. I agree with Leah, a bit unkempt. I hope he or she was not dumped off there. There is a lot of that going on, especially these days. Who knows, you have a new companion.

    • Hi Lavinia, the cat has appeared around here for at least a year now if I recall correctly but this cutie needs a home! Some say that a cat never needs a bath as they are tidy animals, but in this case he or she needs one. 😩

  4. That’s a beautiful kitty! Though it looks well fed, it’s hard to say if there’s an owner or not. The fur does look a bit unkempt.

    • Hi, Leah! I agree, notice the apparent dirt on the front of the front paws. The fur is a bit ruffled yet not matted I suppose. I would love to help this kitty! ❤️🐈

    • I haven’t heard of that before, K, but it could be true. Maybe it has a chip under the skin but nobody has searched for it. This cat is a mystery cat…

        • That is so kind, Lavinia! Thank you. ☺️ This cat seems like it would be difficult to capture, it is very wary of hoomans.

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