A Baby Palm Tree

Most likely a Mexican Fan Palm based on where I found it since I have two in my backyard. Sorry, little buddy but you can’t put down root here… These trees can grow like a weed to use a metaphor…

7 thoughts on “A Baby Palm Tree

  1. Great shot! I had dealing with plants that just take over. I’m dealing with Wisteria vines that are a nightmare. I love the flowers, but those vines go everywhere.

    • Thanks, Rebecca! When I first moved in, the previous owners had not done any seed control in the backyard. I was plucking these baby trees out of the ground daily for a month or so as they grow very fast. Use a machete to cut those vines. I used one in Michigan to cut vines and the vines of poison ivy too. Bad stuff.

  2. I forgot to say that I also really like the photo. Close up photos of plants, with details, like this photo, is something I really enjoy.

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