12 thoughts on “Beer Stein

  1. Everything on the jet stream has gone well north of the Philly region. We just get clouds and rain. It is going to get colder now with high’s in the 40’s and lows in the 20’s…more like January usually is. Still, no snow on the horizon.

    • I saw the jet stream on TWC, it has been way north, way south and maybe to the moon too. Crazy chit man! Stay warm!

    • Wow man, even with all of the lake-effect snow and storms coming from the west? That’s crazy! The Weather Channel just said that the next several days down here will have full sunshine with temps only in the low 50’s. What the hell man… I may as well move home to Michigan!

    • It sure is, Anne Marie! I have to remember that soon it will be 110F again. It’s still 74F in my house though. ☺️🔥

    • Wow, that’s a real bummer, Richard! I hope your weather warms up soon. I am spoiled by our usually warmer than this weather.

    • Yes, that is very blah, Susan! Sorry about that. We are spoiled down here most of the time weather-wise. This is the weirdest winter I’ve seen here in my almost ten years. The high will be just 50F, but soon enough it will be 110F again!

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