That Gosh Damn Wind!

I have lived in my home for four years now as of 2023 and so far, the wind has not ripped a frond off of either of my Mexican Fan Palms until today. These windstorms are much more frequent in the winter months and can kind of get on my nerves after it’s been blasting for three days. Gusts to 60mph have apparently taken the palm frond off. C’mon wind, give us a break!

14 thoughts on “That Gosh Damn Wind!

  1. Wow!! Crazy! We’ve got some paint peeling from our house and several pots have fallen and broken. It’s been pretty crazy weather.

  2. I can’t stand wind. It makes for bad hair days and my eyes sting. We are under a wind advisory today and I am staying inside. The weather is crazy and sometimes I wonder if mother nature is being manipulated. 🤨

    • This is a part of winter in the valley, Pooja, but this winter has been far colder than usual which sucks. I could be riding my eBike but it’s too cold for me.

  3. We had our first snow flurries of the season today…January 23rd. I don’t ever recall that happening so late in winter here before. I wonder what other surprises are in store for us before (hopefully) spring springs forth? I am not a big fan of wind and would not be keen on multiple days of it like you’ve had.

    • That seems very odd, Bruce, that never happened in Michigan that I can recall. I do get somewhat used to the constant wind but it becomes tiresome after two or three days. It’s part of living here. The storms go away in summer.

    • Really? The weather everywhere seems to have gone mad! These storms have been here long before I came here I am sure but man they are powerful! And, it has actually blown for three days straight before!

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