My Sister’s Bird Photos

Recently, my sister and my niece traveled to Texas to enjoy some birdwatching along the Rio Grande river. The photo of the Roadrunner is fantastic, isn’t it! The flock of birds is beautiful too. Well done, sis!

37 thoughts on “My Sister’s Bird Photos

  1. Oh wow those are great! I like the little Road Runners, we don’t have them here and I have only seen them twice when we were in the States

    • Thank you! And, LOL! No, he looks nothing like that bird that can light the roads on fire when he runs! I am glad we grew up watching real cartoons. ❤️

  2. John, these photos are outstanding! The flying birds are so beautiful and the Roadrunner is very interesting bird and wonderful. Your sister is an excellent photographer!!!

    • Yes she is, thank you, Kaya! ❤️ I occasionally see a Roadrunner when outside of the city, they are so fast and cute!

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