Vaping, 2023

Back in the day, vaping did no harm to the body! Vaping makes zero sense. It’s no better than smoking tobacco so what is the point? 54 degrees and partly sunny for today, a warmer day would be better. I need to get some fresh photography, folks!

6 thoughts on “Vaping, 2023

  1. I remember my mother dropping a teaspoonful of Vicks into a bowl of boiling water, then, towel over the head and bowl and a spot of inhalation – an early day sauna! I can’t help wondering if there was ever any medical evidence to suggest this treatment worked. Further back, I remember my grandmother preparing a herbal poultice to cure an infected cut. If those cures didn’t work, there was always witchcraft to fall back on!!!

    • You too!! I remember mother rubbing it on my chest as a little kid. I don’t remember a humidifier though. This was around 1966 to 1968.

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