Calico Basin Via iPhone 12

I took this photo a day or two ago to send to my dad. Pulling it from the phone it looked so good I thought why not post it? It is very clean and clear looking, maybe the same as or better than the Nikon? I saw my GP this morning for a follow-up from a blood test. To my surprise, everything is in fine working order in there!

8 thoughts on “Calico Basin Via iPhone 12

  1. Glad to hear your tests came out good. I had my first checkup this morning. Nothing too exciting but I got a better sling and an appointment for x-rays and another checkup in two weeks.

    • Thank you, Anne Marie! My doctor shook my hand and said well done! 😂 I’m glad you have a better sling and an appointment to keep an eye on it’s progress. You never know what life is going to throw at you daily, do you…

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