Calm Lake

Three more iPhone photos from yesterday, the bottom photo was sent to my dad yesterday. Do you watch your church service at home on your laptop too?

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    • Hi Richard, this area has very expensive homes around three man-made lakes. Too rich for my bank account! But, it’s a great place to ride your bike or just walk. The mountains and palm trees add so much to the beauty of the area.

  1. It’s nice your church has both options. 🙏🏻 Were you trying to send some warm dry air to your dad? I’ve heard MI got quite the snow storms lately!! I’m sure he appreciated the warmth in the photo. 😊

  2. I watched Billy Graham on YouTube today. I love his old Sermons. Unfortunately, I have been missing church due to my daily Migraines caused by the weather.

    • That is wonderful, Venus! I love this great man’s preaching. He is a no garbage, get to the point man. 🙏🏻❤️ This winter has been unusually cold which makes me grumpy.

  3. Beautiful photos John, especially the calm lake. I’m currently in search of a church and started out by driving and walking into the building for the service, but have now opted to watch online before showing up in person. It’s helpful.

    • Hi Barb, thank you. I used to go to the church that I watch online with ex number three. Somehow, I feel as though I shouldn’t go back there but that is not right. I had a look at your blog, you’ve been through so much too. Having to leave and take your daughter was a good decision. We all must deal with what this life throws at us, don’t we… I hope you find a church where you belong. 🙏🏻☺️

      • You are welcome, John. Does she still attend? That may be a little awkward, but if you like the church, I’d hope that doesn’t stop you from attending. You must have looked at the Blog (Letitgocoach) that began this blogging adventure. I left there last October and started Blogging here if you wish to read current posts:

        What we go through in life prepares us for every next step ahead. Starting over with my daughter was a bold move, but God led the way and continues to do so. It’s time to find a church to plug into. I miss the community aspect of it and there’s nothing better than listening to a preacher whose teaching causes you squirm in your seat a bit. Thank you for your kind and comforting words. It’s great to reconnect. 🙏

        • No, she left town 7 years ago… I did look at both sites and determined that you had left it behind. I tried to follow you via the follow button on the bottom-right but the system told me to use a valid email address. Sorry, I don’t know what is wrong.

          Being made to squirm in our seat in church is a good thing in my opinion. You know that you are being gently convicted, right? I am happy that you two are happy today, one of my divorces happened because of the very toxic relationship.

          Life can be so strange…

          • That’s okay and thank you for trying. There’s no telling what’s wrong, but I’ll look into it. Right?! I went to this one church for a while because the teaching was so good. After the service, I’d tell the preacher, “That was a little bit painful”, and he loved it. Thank you, John. It was a long road, but the best decision ever made. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

            • You are welcome. ☺️ This could be on my end. I totally agree, NOTHING worth while will never be easy to obtain. The trials and tribulations of our lives… Do you have an Instagram account?

              • I agree. Trials make us better. My neighbor says they’re character builder’s. 😅 I had an Instagram under Letitgocoach but haven’t posted in eons. I shutdown my remaining social media accounts last November to have less distractions in my life.

                • That is so good that you shut down the other media accounts. I have considered deleting my IG account.

                  The content there is basically a mirror image of this blog. But, I have online friends there that are not followers of my blog.

                  They are in different countries which puts me in a little dilemma about closing IG down. I remember the days when social media had yet to be invented…

                  Which is better? I have been following some of these folks for years!

                  • Well, I began viewing my Digital Well-being app and it showed how much time I was spending on social media. I hadn’t really thought about it, but seeing the actual numbers was startling and a little disappointing. I reached out to a few online friends and gave them my cellphone number inviting them to call, or text anytime.

                    You’re a photographer, so IG makes sense and if it adds value to your life, then that’s even better. I’m glad you’ve made some connections that have withstood the test of time. I was just spending too much time there and since shutting everything down, it’s created spaciousness to learn new things and to live more intentionally.

                    • Thanks, Barb. IG dies add value for sharing. I have made lots of friends there too so I stick with IG regardless of the fact that FB owns it. I’ve never had a FB account. 👍🏻 I admit to spending too much time here and on IG too…

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