Piggy Ducks and Palm Trees

Piggy ducks? Yes, note the cute curl at the rear of the duck’s backs. So cute! The other photo is of course at Tivoli Village. I decided not to ride today, it’s a bit later than I usually head out and my legs are sore from yesterday’s ride. Can you say Johnn is out of shape? I enjoyed church on my laptop too. ✝️🙏🏻🥰

14 thoughts on “Piggy Ducks and Palm Trees

    • Hi, that is made of metal, the mesh is metal too. They represent palm trees as best I can tell. They are huge too!

    • You and me both on the out of shape. I was considering finding a gym but haven’t found one… Yep. Your summers in that state are brutally humid if I remember correctly. Years ago, my dad and I were racing drag boats and visited Winston-Salem for a race. It was so hot and humid that the medics or someone was passing out salt tabs. Uhg.

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