Just a little fun with our wonderful English language. Where I come from back in Michigan, we grew up using the word Cripes which is an actual word. My mother used it frequently as did my grandparents. Occasionally, I will let slip this word in Vegas which can earn me a funny look from someone. I get a laugh from this! What? Do you know what a Party Store is? They don’t seem to call a 7-Eleven or similar a party store either. I love my native language! Do you play with your words too? Well cripe, why not?

15 thoughts on “Cripes!

  1. In Australia we used to say Crikies, very similar. Though it isn’t a word you hear much anymore. Usually hear it when someone is trying to put the Aussie thing a more.

    • That is interesting, I thought it (crickies)) was frequently used today. It’s funny how are common language is slowly changing. You probably have your own regional dialects too.

      • You would see people like Steve Irwin, before he died, using it to show us as different, but through American movies and TV’s we have lost a lot of our own unique culture. Words that were common when I was growing up, just aren’t used anymore. It is very sad.

        • I understand and yes, very sad! Technology is good and bad, Leanne. Steve Irwin’s death was such a loss for the animal community. I’ve seen on IG that she married her American man and they have a baby, God bless them. 🙏🏻❤️

    • I am almost 100% sure that it is a northeast word, Sylvia. It’s a part of the regional dialect thing to me. People here tell me that I have an accent. Oh? 😂

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