Connecting Rod Clock

This is a  very cool clock, isn’t it? The piston looks like a 350CID piston. I couldn’t get the deep blue of the sky to reduce at all hence it looks overdone. I wish it was about ten degrees warmer, I would be biking! Instead, I hit the grocery store… What are you up to this Tuesday?

Michigan Blue

Michigan State Police vehicles have always been this specific color for as long as I can remember as well as the one big gumball on the roof and the word Stop on the hood. Nevada State Police cars look nothing at all like our cars do. Nevada cop cars are white and black which is boring!

I photographed this car in August of 22 while on the Woodward Dream Cruise with my dad, my son, and a buddy of my dad’s. Partly sunny and just 53 degrees today, still too damn cold to ride my bike.