This afternoon I drove through a local park and noticed two horse trailers so I parked and walked over to them. I asked permission to photograph the horses of course. I took about fifteen photos so here is a couple of them. They are big, powerful beasts that I appreciate for their strength, gracefulness, and beauty but don’t ask me to ride one!

15 thoughts on “Horses

    • You betcha! It was amazing to watch the horses eyes. I could almost swear that the horse winked at me! I winked back. 😂 Petting the body and rubbing the nose is so cool because this animal must be ten times my strength. Perhaps he or she did wink…

    • Thank you, Beth! They are so powerful and intelligent. My daughter has won many competitions with her really big horse in the last two years or so for different styles of riding. It was so fun taking her to her riding lessons when she was so small. 🥰

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