Scenes From A 2015 Car Tour

An antique car tour with my dad and it was a great trip. We crossed the Florida/Georgia border a few times on this trip and visited some other antique car places. Riding in a car from the early 1900s is an experience that you will never forget! Sunny and 54 today, much better than yesterday.

8 thoughts on “Scenes From A 2015 Car Tour

    • It sure is, Venus! I’ve had far more than enough of this crappy cold. I hope the warmth comes back before the summer swelter begins. Or, is this winter indicating that this summer will be at 70 degrees?

    • Thank you, Susan! You are quite right, these old timers are not a smooth ride but that doesn’t matter to these folks. For them, it’s all about fun and nostalgia. My dad is now 94 and I hope to have another trip with him! ❤️🥰

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