Desert Photos With The iPhone

I spent a couple of hours outside of the city getting some new photos then suddenly the Nikon said it was “full”. Okay, what does that mean? The SD card is absolutely not full so I need to investigate. So, out comes the trusty iPhone 12! Always there, always ready.

I think it did a fair job, there are 25 total photos taken with the phone so I’ll have some colorful desert photos for a couple of days or so. The area I was in is roughly five miles west of the city and at a higher elevation which is around 3000 feet ASL, a bit higher than my home so it was a wee bit colder up there.

9 thoughts on “Desert Photos With The iPhone

  1. The trusty iPhone 12 was great! John, the quality of photos are excellent. And they are so colorful and beautiful!

    • Thank you, Kaya! I bought the 12 not knowing that the 13 was coming out soon. Now, they have the 14 out. I’ll keep my 12!

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