11 thoughts on “The Touch

    • Thanks, Shelley, I actually have not changed the theme but have been trying too. The free themes that WP offers are not so good but this one has served me well. I use plugins to change the fonts. Te recent “updates” that WP has made has caused my weather widget to stop working. These people are jerks in that the never, ever ask the users what they would like to see changed and not changed. The site does look clean though which is what I want as it’s considered the modern design these days. I recently added a logo!

      • Ah, now that you detail out what you have edited, I see those changes. Yeah, WP makes my head shake. I’m sure they don’t ask folks like me what they should do. Heck, they operate on a “we’ll just let them deal with the aftermath of our improvements” mode. Grr.
        Yes, your site looks clean as does the logo! Nice job!

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