A Cold Twelve Miles!

I tried to do the entire 15+ mile ride today but the temperature is down by three degrees or so from yesterday which made a huge difference. My bike is physically small but it weighs around 70 pounds!

6 thoughts on “A Cold Twelve Miles!

    • Cool! I follow three Pedego dealers on Instagram, one is in Quebec. They put chains on the tires and ride in winter which is something I wouldn’t do because of the electronics.

  1. I hope you get some good riding weather soon! are these bikes just for riding on solid paths or streets or can they be ridden on more challenging terrain?

    • Thank you, Anne Marie, me too. I don’t wanna get sick from the cold wind on my chest even though I’m wrapped up descent… My bike is far more capable of going off road that the other models that Pedego makes. Those bikes have the typical skinny tires that would never last. The fat tires act a bit like a shock absorber too. This bike is a an absolute blast to ride with the power assist from the electric motor in the rear hub. It’s great to just power up hills!

        • Thanks! I follow three Pedego deals on Instagram, they were showing a new model there so I drove to the location where I bought my bike to check it out. It turns out that that bike is built for taller people! The frame is too high for me and I’m 5’10” !

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