My adopted state is a beautiful state! My home had a professional cleaning this morning which was long overdue. This place was dirtier than I thought it was for just one resident. Well worth the cost, especially with family coming to visit next month!

9 thoughts on “Nevada

    • Yes, finally! 😂 I know that that sounds odd but my family are very busy like anyone. Hence the house needed a proper cleaning.

    • Neatnik? That’s new to me! You are right, Anneli, but still there was a lot of sand, dust and other little bits along the edges of the rooms and hallway. More at the front door, yuck! The house looks much better now, worth the big price.

    • Thank you, I agree! This place was more gungy than I ever thought it was and I live by myself. I’ll have them come back once a month now. Yucky floors!

    • Hi Kelly, yes indeed! My house was more grungy than I thought, it needed a good spiff before they get here. Thanks for stopping by! ❤️☺️

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