Another Downside of Technology

The next time you are around a crowd of humans, have a look around you and count the number of them that have their necks and head tilted down with their faces buried in a device. Man, I am so glad that I grew up without the internet and cell phones! Technology is good of course, but not when it takes over our interactions with other humans. Look closely at the image. Disclaimer – the image is not mine.

13 thoughts on “Another Downside of Technology

  1. I walked by a waiting line at a Starbucks kiosk Saturday and there were a dozen people. Every one of them had their head down and their thoughts buried into their phones. I just wish they’d stop doing it while driving…

  2. Of course, to find my phone, I first have to find my glasses and, if I have left my glasses in the car, I then have to find my car keys. The short fix is to find my wife who is so much better at finding my things than I am!!!

  3. I want to laugh because the photo is funny but in actual fact, it’s not so funny is it? I see this every day, everywhere. Countless numbers of people have bumped into me because they aren’t looking up, children are playing on the beach, in the water, in parks and their parents are on their phones. It’s sad really.

    • Agreed, I sincerely hope that no children have died because of what you describe. On today’s bike ride, a guy on another bike was poking along heading the other way while being glued to his phone! Duh! I have had one guy walk right up to my face and stop before too. Have a look around you while stopped at a traffic light and count the number of distracted drivers. Dangerous and deadly.

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