Red Landscapes

Sunshine and 60 degrees are forecast for today, and perhaps a bike ride will happen today. A Canadian blogger I follow was recently in Zion Nation Park and noted the beautiful red rock way up there like we have and loves them like I do. The deserts on our west coast capture many hearts, even those who are from the frozen north! Like me. No thanks, 40 degrees is cold enough these days.

3 thoughts on “Red Landscapes

  1. Hey!! That’s me that you’re talking about!! The red rock landscape definitely won my heart. The desert was surprisingly more lush than I was expecting. It goes to show just how resilient nature is, even in extreme places like the desert.

    • Yes, iron deposits. This are was once underwater 200 million years ago so the sediments had plenty of time to decay and solidify. We get to enjoy their beauty. ❤️

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