Patriotic Sky and Botox

These photos are from a bike ride a couple of days ago. Why would I take a photo of an ad for Botox? Because I find using it to be potentially very dangerous and I’ve never understood why anyone would allow this substance to be injected into their body.

The sign is too close to the sidewalk by the way, whoever put it there! It was tricky getting the two palm trees to pop out of the right side of that photo using an iPhone. A viewfinder would really help.

8 thoughts on “Patriotic Sky and Botox

    • I sure is, Sylvia. I’m only 62 but time is like a thief, it stalks us. The beauty companies sure know how to capitalise on people’s fear.

    • That’s so crazy isn’t it! That stuff is very dangerous yet people pay handsomely for this poison. A mad world for sure.

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