Snow In A Windstorm

The weather service claimed that the wind will pick up around seven this morning. Well, it finally hit at 10:45 with a vengeance. I shot this 28-second video, braving the damn cold wind and some snowflakes thrown in for bad measure. If you visited the blog yesterday then you know that it was 62 degrees or so and a beautiful blue sky. What the hell, old man winter? I’ve had enough, go blow elsewhere!

Definitely 55MPH gusts!

11 thoughts on “Snow In A Windstorm

    • I’m glad that the wind has settled down man, it was really intense for a while. Summer heat needs to return soon!

    • Yes! I didn’t put a jacket on before walking to the backyard, the cold wind was brutal on my desert-adapted body! And the snow was flying. Once every winter this happens… The gust front was gone an hour later. 🥶 Currently 37 outside, what the hell! 😂

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