4 thoughts on “Another American Flag Post

  1. Thinks…if I am free to identify as a female these days…surely it is also my right to identify as Norwegian too if I would like to? Ha! I expect not. Different rules apply! I think I’ll try to identify as an antelope instead. Who could possibly object?

  2. I remember when have been over in the US how many times I saw the stars and strips flying. Over here in the UK we don’t see our union flag nearly as often. Here in Scotland, we’re more likely to see the Scottish flag (St Andrew’s Cross) but we don’t see that as often as you would see the stars and strips in the US. We used to see the EU flag quite a lot but now we’re out of the EU, we don’t see that as often. Perhaps we need a new flag!!?? One thing I truly detest is when UK government politicians stand in front of our flag when speaking on TV. They have done everything to disrespect our country and then they have the temerity to stand in front of our flag and, usually, lie to us. Pah! My sense of patriotism has been seriously challenged in recent years. I think I’ll become Danish instead!

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