Fire Danger Today: Low

In these photos, I am heading west on Kyle Canyon Road into the Spring Mountains where the fire danger was low that day, good news! Wildfires suck. Sunny with a high of 60F today so a bike ride may be happening. How is the weather in your part of the world today? That’s Mummy Mountain by the way.

12 thoughts on “Fire Danger Today: Low

    • Thanks! Freezing rain sucks. One of the homes I had in Michigan saw a huge ice storm where it was dead calm but you could hear branches breaking all around you. Also, a power line came down on my metal fence and energised it, not cool! It also literally cut a small tree in two! bad stuff man…

    • Yes, Red Rock Canton is south of Mummy Mountain by a few miles. Along this road you will see a sign welcoming you to Red Rock Canyon too.

      • I thought I recognized the view. I had some mystical times in that park. Too much to lay out in this comment. But such a powerful / beautiful place.

          • There’s a trail in red rocks, about 1 0 clock on the loop road which I think you have to drive counter clock wise. anyway, that trail dives off to the north then cuts back west and climbs to an amazing view of the city. I met Russian spies and donkeys on that trail. Also, a cave on the North side that is nothing less than the Goddess’s Womb. Such a special place.

            • You are right, that 12-mile loop runs counterclockwise and was totally repaved about two years ago. I think you are referring to Red Rock Canyon proper which can’t be seen unless you take the 12-mile loop. It is absolutely stunning, isn’t it! I tried walking down there but never made it very far down because of health issues. Sucks! 😠

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