Homeless People

Almost every time I take a bike ride, I see homeless people or in this case, what this homeless man left behind. I had passed this way two days before. Now he’s gone and the stolen shopping cart was left behind. I frequently see random things like blankets, socks, and other clothing left laying in certain areas.

This is the downside of riding in a large city and it makes me sad. Last week, I saw a girl who looked 25 or younger sitting on the ground with a small cart filled with presumably her worldly belongings. I so wanted to help her too. I gave ten bucks to a different man and told him that God loves him. What more can I do?

17 thoughts on “Homeless People

  1. Every city has them, but what does the gov’t do? Send money overseas.
    We protect Ukraine’s border and allow our borders to stay open… make any sense?

    • It’s long overdue to flush Washington down the head, GP. I would like to see NASA shut down and other ridiculously wasteful programs. Let’s fix America first first, forget about space!

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